tiny double cooked chocolate chip cookies on a swirly blue plate

Chocolate chip cookies are adorable with a toaster oven

tiny double cooked chocolate chip cookies on a swirly blue plate
Cookies in the toaster oven. Twice baked they look just a little like Madeleines! And taste as yummy too.

Cookies abroad

So, I enjoy a cookie… or twelve on occasion. My brother doesn’t currently have a full sized oven or access to all the same ingredients abroad and asked for advice or recipes to make cookies in his toaster oven. He didn’t have much success with my google-fu’d suggestions, but I figure he was always more of a chef than a baker.  Ah, so that inspired me to experiment!

Unsurprisingly,  lots of people have ideas about making cookies in the toaster oven. This is the recipe I ended up trying. Well, with more brown sugar than white and more vanilla. I only regret the extra chocolate. That was just a wee bit overboard.

They turned out cakey and sometimes perfectly chewy on the inside crunchy on the outside like the ‘original’ toll house version. I’m a little weird perhaps, but I love the crunch of a good cookie but only if it’s got a good chew on the inside.

So I invented a way to have double the crunch and cook the cookies more evenly in a shorter time. They just look a little… unorthodox. But don’t panic! It’ll be OK.

And when I make them, they aren’t perfect every time. When I get distracted making tea sometimes a few in the back corner get a little, ah, darker than I mean them to. But overall this is a fantastic success. Even a cookie that’s a little too brown that’s still hot right out of the (toaster) oven beats a cookie that isn’t fresh. Mmm… Speaking of…

Fresh cookies are the best way to fix stale cookies

In the past I have tried to replicate the freshly baked taste of my cookies in oh so many ways: toasting them again in the toaster oven, microwaving them a few seconds then toasting them, dunking all the results in milk and tea. Nothing could really replicate the freshly baked texture or get rid of the slightly stale hard texture from existing for a week or so.

Then I thought, I don’t need to rejuvenate cookies if instead I only bake enough to eat at one time!

Twice baked cookie-lettes! How to:

You can follow a(n approximate) half recipe from the back of your bag of chocolate chips, and it should be great. Just adjust whatever recipe you use to use one egg for your mini-batch. Adjust the amount of vanilla extract or swap out for a liquor or another extract as you like for variety. Or make a full batch and then freeze in tiny batches in freezer bags, to take out when you feel like a cookie. I tend to store part of even this small batch chilled in a ziplock, with the air squeezed out to prevent it from getting dry, and make more the next day.

Preheat the toaster oven if you like… or be lazy and don’t and it will still be delic! Anything is possible, so long as you watch closely the first time you do anything new to prevent burning. Since each toaster oven is a little different, I suggest watching closely the first time you try these.


1 c flour, optional: add or substitute 1/4 c oatmeal

1/2 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

1 stick of butter (1/2 cup butter)

1/3 scant cup white sugar

1/3 generous cup brown sugar (or just pack the brown sugar, then fill to or just below the 2/3 cup line with white sugar!)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (or your favorite extract)

1 egg

1 c chocolate chips (ghirardelli semi are my favs, but anything you’ve got is good)

Optional: anything else that might be in a delicious cookie. Nuts or fruit as you like.

Preheat your toaster oven to 350F (or 400 if you are very impatient)

  1. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl,
  2. then wet ingredients in another,
  3. then put them together and add the chocolate chips.
    • Don’t forget to measure the baking soda in a separate bowl to smash all the clumps out before adding it, as usual, to avoid bitter surprises.
    • Also, remember to whip the egg even just with a fork, before mixing it with the dry ingredients to avoid egg clump holes.
  4. Place foil or parchment paper or both over your toaster oven tray. Using a piece of parchment paper makes them easier to turn later. Drop tiny cookie’lettes (cookielets?) onto the tray with a teaspoon.
  5. Roll into little balls to get the best shape and most even cooking temperature. Add another chocolate chip if your cookielette was unlucky in chocolate. Tiny balls of cookie dough on toaster oven tray. Tray wrapped in tin foil with a single sheet of parchment paper on top.
  6. Bake till bottom is a nice golden color. (~7-14 minutes, ymmv)cookies baking for the first time in toaster oven. Tray covered in tin foil, then also with a sheet of parchment paper. Heating element on. Cookies still uncooked on top.
  7. Remove and carefully turn each tiny cookie over.
  8. Bake again till the second side is golden and the center is delicious. Test one to check. Then keep testing till you are happy, or they are gone (in which case bake more and … er … If life gives you more cookies, make a la mode!)

cookies baking in toaster oven after they have been turned once


Go forth and be happy with fresh cookies every day! 🙂




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