Esterhazy torte

Fantastic chocolate walnut cake with butter cream. Walnut butter cream inside, chocolate butter cream outside.


Originally from Amicus Cupcake who was inspired by the butter cream on this one.

This is a bit of a production, but a ton of fun! The cake layers are soft and springy and nutty, and the butter cream is very delicious, with the chocolate and nuts going great together, as you might expect. I made this a while back, but wanted to preserve it for posterity so to speak.

The cake batter looks a little like a meringue folded with nuts.
The cake batter looks a little like a meringue folded with nuts.
Use a bowl or something similarly sized to trace circles onto parchment paper. I then turned the paper over so I wouldn’t get any of the (dubiously edible) marker on the cake.
IMG_1309 Yolk in white
First whip the whites till they peak, then fold in the yolks without letting the mixture fall too much.
It might be a little better next time, but to get the cake completely round I had to cut some of the edges where they stuck out a bit far.
aaaaand *this* is the bad side 🙂 But check out how awesome it looks after covering it in frosting. Eh? eeeh? When you have more, ah, variation/texture on the side of the cake, then just use more frosting! 
Frost the side then the top then smooth everything out with a pastry spatula or other wide knife/spatula. mm! Way too much frosting, but that’s not a problem when there are people around willing to waylay said frosting. On graham crackers or spoons.
Walnuts for the cake! (though there are also pecans, on top)
I love having friends and families with great taste in handmade ceramics!
Yum, ground walnuts. For the record though? Trying to pipe the walnut butter cream (under the pecans over the chocolate butter cream frosting) puts a wrench in pipes. It worked… but I did have to clean out the tip very often when all the walnut crumbs got stuck and nothing more would come out till I did!


mmm, cake!

So delicious! Creamy, nutty, with kind of a chewy, cream texture. So rich and tall, make sure to cut the slices really thinly! Feeds a bit over a dozen tiny servings.


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