Some of my favorite things!

Happy New Year!

For new years I thought I’d post a bunch of some of my favorite recipes that I’ve described on my blog. So now, even if you aren’t looking at the site with a mobile device, you can browse the recipes by photo : )

Dinosaur mint chocolate chocolate-chip cookies

Some of my favorite cookies, discovered by accident and experimentation


Pumpkin bars

savory and sweet, one of my favorite fall treats!


Better-than-brownie chocolate chocolate chip cookies

more like “just like brownies” cookies, but no doubt they are delicious!



my favorite thing to put on pasta. Undoubtedly the best pesto anywhere in the world. Garlic and basil goodness!


Lemon rice

such a delicious, sour, delicious side dish

rice citrus

Humus, tomato, and olive oil on sourdough

as simple as it sounds and twice as good.
Pull out your best tomatoes and add a pinch of salt and you’re golden for a meal or a snack!


Fried tofu and delicious spices

delicious with just a bit of salt, but get a little more extravagant and it’s even better!

Cumin, fennel, nigella, fenugreek
Cumin, fennel, nigella, fenugreek

Lentil stew with a kick

A scrumptious warm stew with a bit of spice


(Cottage) cheese-fruit pancakes

a heavenly breakfast that’s fast, delicious, and keeps you going


Ice creams

make your own ice cream delicious ice cream.
In three flavors: coconut milk and mint; lavender honey; and Bailey’s.


Corned beef and soda bread

nom nom nom and Happy St Patrick’s day!


also Guiness stew,

and Pear rum cake,

and Mint and chocolate chip cookies

And because this is new years, here’s a few things I will get around to posting next year. Encouragement or pre-post requests for recipes welcome : )

Biscotti, or S-cookies as we used to call them are an old-world-style new-world favorite in our family


And these date nut breads are a yearly tradition. And are delicious! And nothing like a fruit cake. Mm, so good.


And this (vegan!) pesto-pear-arugala-corn bread pizza. sooooo divine!


Peace, friendship, and joy to all this new year!


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