Warm. Mulled. Festive. Scandinavian sweet winter drink! Oh, the wonderful spices. Glögg is an undertaking that should and probably will happen again.


Such a simple thing: take a pot, add wine, whatever spices you have around, warmth, but not enough to boil off much of the alcohol, and “fortify” with extra spirits like brandy, port, rum, or vodka.

Let it simmer very lightly 20-40 minutes if you add 1/2 liter (2 cups) of spirits to one bottle red wine.  Don’t go very high end on either purchase; their flavors will just be overpowered anyway.

Some good choices for spices:
cardamom (about a dozen pods, shelled),
cinnamon (a stick or six),
citrus peel (half an orange peel),
sugar (half a pound or less to taste).

Cloves, ginger, dried fruit, and, oddly, almonds are also traditional flavors to toss in.  If you’re just leaving out the cardamon because you don’t and never have had any on hand I urge you to go out, find some, and tell me it’s not one of the best smelling things in your kitchen. Actually, the last is more of a challenge, because I’m pretty sure it will be.  Then, once you have it on hand, some fresh ginger slices, some really strong black tea, sweetened, with more milk than tea, will make a wonderful home for a few of the pods, split open to let their flavor steep. Mmmm, my favorite kind of chai, just like my friends from (northern) india make it.

So go enjoy your glögg or some other suitably warm beverage and keep out the cold, possibly dark, wintery wonderland out there!

p.s. I’m still not sure how to insert special characters in windows without the “insert character” pannel, but on a mac you option-u-‘whatever vowel you want’ for dots, like glögg, opt-i for hats, opt-e or tilda for the two various accents. It’s so nice and logical to me. I’m not a pc hater really, I just wish it did some things… that were more intuitive, ya know?

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