Cameras and Foods

So, I haven’t been making a ton of nifty food lately, and my blogging activities have somewhat moved into the Maker aspect of my life rather than the baker. Har har. But both get me to take photos of stuff I’ve made and that along with doing more and more photography at work (with electrons, not light photons… but it’s the same thing, right? And the subject matter can be just as annoy and ornery) have made me start to contemplate getting a Nice camera. You know, the kind you capitalize when you talk about it.

The last six months have found me trolling a site I’ve come to really like called Snapsort and it’s companion site for lenses LensHero. It sorts and when you look up a camera it compares it to “similar” cameras intelligently by both price range, which is gotten by a search not just a reliance on the sticker price, and similar features. It’s got extremely deep in information–it’s got the most complete specs on all its cameras of anywhere I’ve seen but the manufactures web pages and when they make a mistake they seem to correct it pretty quickly. But if you had to look at 20 numbers all the time your brain would explode, or at least turn into nonsense, so what makes it fun to troll the site, other than the prospect of maybe picking up one of these suckers soon, is that it turns off 90% of those numbers. It tells you a few things that it does better and a few things it does worse than the average camera in its class, or than the other camera if you are looking at two. AND if you troll for a bit at the bottom it shows you what it does better and worse than average for the set of ones you’ve recently looked at. So that’s cool too.

It doesn’t always come through when I’m searching for a junky model or a camera that’s pretty old or very obscure, the kind that might appear for 75% off at an uber-sale somewhere, though overall it’s database seems pretty comprehensive. And there aren’t a ton of user comments. And I still don’t know what camera I want to get. A couple different people have told me I should really be looking at the Cannon s95, so I am, but I’m not convinced of anything yet. But at least it’s a fun time waster in the mean time that sometimes has excellent blog posts and shared videos.

If anyone loves their camera, or has any advise about picking out one, feel free to post or email me. Better now than after I get a new camera! Oh the regrets and sobbing that would occur. Not really. My old camera‘s ooold. Still, it’s not bad at what it does. It would be cool if it were new enough to have image stabilization, but it got out the door before that train even started rolling. OK, mixing too many metaphors. What do you want in a post sans photos? I need to have imagery of some sort, come on! But for comparison, what I use when I’m not borrowing a camera or using my cell phone is this Canon.

I suppose I did discover a love for making simple lassis (Mango naked juice plus yogurt is probably my favorite, followed by maple syrup and water and yogurt. I need to find some canned mango.). And made my friend’s chocolate sheet cake recipe popular with crowds of people in multiple states (delicious as it is, or made addictive by brewing a tea ball of lavender in the water. mmm.). And did a little experimenting with curry. But mostly I’ve been pretty non-experimental this Spring and Winter food-wise.


I did end up getting a Canon s95, and am really loving it.  Most of the images on this blog after this date (the ones not taken with a cell phone) are from this new camera.  I got a blue argile wrist strap and a tiny attached soft case, and can keep it in a jacket pocket or small bag to have it handy when I’m traveling.  I love the rich colors and some of the manual settings, but the auto settings are usually spot on.  The modern “image stabilization” that corrects for the slight motions detected in the camera is such an improvement over old lightweight point and shoots (the heavier ones kept your hand steady, but the lightest ones shake with your hand).  The way this camera really shines, among cameras that fit comfortably in a pocket, is in low light.

These two photos were ones I shot the first night I got and unpacked it from the box.  The first was me playing with macro and white-balance pre-sets for indoor fluorescents, which do pretty well. The second is, incredibly, in a completely dark room. The only lighting for the little plastic sprite is that of the red LED from the mouse behind it. My old camera would have balked at such low light even at extra long exposures and this was taken without even a tripod!

This little sprite was photographed in a completely dark room only back lit by the LED from the mouse behind it.

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