Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I decided my cookies would be better with mint I didn’t want something over powering or artificial tasting. So I went with subtle. Several tablespoons ought to do it, I thought to myself. (;

I decided, in the interest of changing just one thing and leaving all others constant, to go with the simplest recipe: that is, the same one that’s on the back of every bag of chocolate chips. Maybe going a heavy on the vanilla and a little light on the sweetening and a smudge more dark than light in the same category. So the night before I made cookies I took one of the two sticks of butter called for and melted it in a bowl. To this I shook a generous amount of dried mint ($2/pint at my local international store, whoo!) till it was nice and fleck filled. I’d guess there were a few tablespoons in there. Then I proceeded to read or generally do other amusing things while stirring every so often to make sure… of what I know not. You probably just want to leave it out and let it solidify and the mint will rehydrate on its own. Then refrigerate with your other butter overnight or use it right away when you’re ready.

The next day I whipped up one stick of butter then added this delicious monstrosity. Of course I tasted it first; you don’t add experiments that don’t work to your chocolate chip cookie dough! It was all for science, I assure you.

Mint plus butter, a winning combination

Then whip both sticks with white sugar till the butter turns white as my great ancestors have always done. Since electric beaters anyway… (that’s a scant 3/4 white sugar, adding 3/4 packed brown sugar)

And whip with two large eggs and a generous teaspoon of vanilla. Then incorporate 2 1/4 c. flour (that’s been whisked or forked with 1 t salt and 1 t baking soda with all the lumps smashed out)  and finally stir in the nearly two cups of chocolate chips. Ghiradelli are really the best.

Bake 375F on ungreased parchment paper till nearly done , they’ll keep baking on the pan and you don’t want them too browned. (Does anyone know how such a new concept as coating paper in silicone got such a nifty old name? I suspect it’s something like old french chefs used parchment to keep moisture in something, and then they discovered that this worked too.)

The sugar helps aerate the butters, turning it white!
You can still see a bit of the mint in the butter/sugar
Time to taste!

And… eat! With milk of course. Even got gold stars from Ashley, who does not in fact like mint normally. Subtle, but enough mint to be even more delicious than normal chocolate chip cookies. I call the experiment a success! And something to play with again.

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