The best milkshakes have lumps of fudge.

These are some adventures I had in St. Louis in May that I’d not gotten around to putting up. A lovely weekend filled with a wonderful friendly old dog, good folk and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Not to mention a pretty cool middling younger lady we helped circumvent The Law to stay up and eat creamsicles with us. And did I mention my malted milk shake was full of sweet chocolate fudge? Delicious straw-stopping streaks of sweet sweet darkness!

Grilled cheese is an old standard, but a great one. Especially with a grill. Or a pan with grill marks… mmm… toasty! Also fresh mango and grilled pineapple. And of course cambells tomato soup. (Note to self: don’t go outside to load the car to be extra on top of things while browning something on the stove. Thanks for saving the day Karla <3)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup, a classic for excellent, delicious reasons. I think there was a dash of salt and basil in the soup. Crazy, I know.
Pineapple, always great for an afternoon

For the grilled cheese we had two slices of cheddar and on one slice of Monteray Jack. Take some bread with one slice of cheddar. Add a dash of oregano on the cheese, then top that with a piece of Colby & Monteray Jack Cheese and put the basil on that, then the other slice of cheddar and bread. Get some butter or oil on the bread to get a nice brown crust and a delicious flavor. According to Bob, the Great Grilled Cheese maker, “The key is to seperate the seasonings so they don’t overpower.” Seemed to work deliciously; I’ll have to try it again sometime soon. Any sort of tomato thing–soup, chunks, slices–is delicious with grilled cheese. And for good measure, here’s also the grilled pineapple with lovely charred lines.

Fish fish sandwich!

So, the next day at the Crown Candy Kitchen along with my super delicious malt shake with more fudge than you could shake a spoon at (and I tried, there was still fudge half an inch thick in the bottom of the shaker!) I got a fish sandwich. I had to take a photo because the sandwich came with the lettuce sticking out and it reminded me of a goldfish fin. So, here for your amusement on my cell phone camera is the fish fish sandwich.

Friendly dogs are the best dogs.

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