A Chinese Snack

I stumbled across some old photos I took on my trip around China for a couple good friends’ wedding a few years ago and found this photo. It’s a lovely snapshot of delicious things bringing back wonderful food memories. See if you can guess what each of them is!

I bought them all by myself too! <I want two of those, thanks! How much does that cost?>
Some things I bought at the supermarket to munch on the night before I flew out of Beijing.

Left to right: some yogurt that’s flavored with aloe (really yummy, no joke!) and kiwi. Some crunchy salty snacks. A yummy red bean paste (I think that’s what I remember anyway) filled crispy dough. And the fruit is the most delicious ever. Stains anything, including hands, red like the dickens. Has such a gentle delicious taste and a soft texture unlike anything I can think of. Perhaps a little like a stiffer blueberry? Called the queen of fruit (the king’s actually very stinky) or mangosteen. Wikipedia says, “Botanically an aril, the fragrant edible flesh can be described as sweet and tangy, citrusy with peach flavor and texture.” Which is I guess pretty close, but doesn’t really say too much.  Mmmm. I’ve heard you can get it in chinatown in Chicago sometimes :]

And we went to a restaurant renowned for making dumplings in different shapes, walnuts, cabbage, ducks, fish…

Walnut filled nut dumplings!
Fish Dumpling!




2 thoughts on “A Chinese Snack

  1. I didn’t know you had mangosteen in China! I really wanted to try it in Taiwan, but apparently there was some kind of parasite at the time so they’d halted import of it. If you find it in Chicago, I’ll love you forever (more than I already will, I mean). 🙂

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