Easter Eggs!

OK, really this is more centered on the decoration than the cooking or eating, but hey, they are technically edible and will be eaten… by someone. I’m not a big hard boiled egg fan but will color half a dozen eggs or more so it helps to have friends who are.

Also, the egg coloring packets do not give instructions on how to boil a delicious hard boiled egg. Boo on them! I have not tasted the results, but I am told that to get a properly delicious hard boiled egg on puts it (along with all twenty nine of its brethren) in a pot of cold salted water well covering the egg(s). Bring to a boil. Continue boiling for ten minutes then retrieve eggs from the water. Wait until they are cooler before either coloring or eating.

The colors were done with the tablets the way we remembered doing it as kids, which is with a couple tablespoons vinegar to dissolve then half a cup of water. They say that the “traditional” way was with lemon juice, but it must have been before any of our time, so bah on that.

And here are some of the finished eggs! I made a bunch and the other half dozen or so people coloring made the rest.

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